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The best part about being a real estate professional is that it puts you in contact with so many great folks from all over the country, from all walks of life, with so many interesting stories. Every day I have an opportunity to have a positive impact on their lives and help them achieve their goals. When people ask me why I work so hard doing what I do in real estate, I tell them there is no salary in this job, if you don’t sell, you don’t eat.  And, like anything else, hard work and perseverance will pay off. Whether buying or selling, getting to the closing is the goal. Having an experienced agent makes a difference.  I bring to the table a wealth of knowledge gained from over 1,000 real estate transactions. This allows me to foresee issues and solve problems before they become a problem making the process as smooth as possible. I am passionate about real estate and able to stay positive even when the market is challenging.

Whether you're the first time buyer, newlyweds seeking a starter home or a condo at the beach, ready for that ultimate dream house, in your prime needing to downsize or whatever the motivation for buying and selling, guiding you on this journey is truly a privilege I never take for granted.

With 40 years of professional sales experience I've been able to share that knowledge through mentoring other successful agents; I've been the recipient of numerous multi-million agent awards and recipient of the top producer of the year more than a dozen times. And, I have a secret weapon, my wife Prissy. She earned her real estate license back in 1986 and is amazing at keeping track of me and all of our many clients.

I love the Gulf Coast, the sugar white sand of the beaches, Mobile Bay with all the variety of the western and eastern shores.
When I am not selling real estate you will probably find me on the beach watching over our many sea turtle nests. I am the Endangered Species permit holder for sea turtles in Alabama. We have about 50 miles of sea turtle nesting habitat here along the Alabama coast, that being the south facing sandy beaches.  Every year from May – October, Mama Sea turtles, some weighing as much as 300 pounds, return to the beach where they hatched to lay their own nests. My program is called Share the Beach because we want people to know that when they visit the beach they are sharing that beach with nesting sea turtles. See

If I distill my philosophy of how I care for my clients down to bullet points, I would be the following:

1)  Trustworthy to always put you and your family's best interest first, not mine.
2)  Endeavor to meet and exceed your needs and expectations.
3)  To be available when possible to help when needed, answer the phone.
4)  Never taking shortcuts for the sake of closing a deal.
5)  Honesty, even if that means I don't make a sale.
6)  Keep you informed through the process, making sure you have the information you need and a heads up when a curve ball may be coming.
7)  And finally to be diligent and professional in carrying out my responsibilities.
That's my philosophy.

I was born and raised here, raised my kids here, I go to church here, I work and play here. My reputation for integrity and professionalism is of utmost importance to me. I learned the importance of trust through 40 plus years of marriage along with my years of schooling at McGill Institute and University of South Alabama and by the example of parents who worked hard and always taught us to do the right thing. I will employ that same philosophy for you. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about me. Give me a call, I am here to help.